about tellary

We’re not in the voice over business

We’re in the voice matchmaking, experience-engineering, attention-getting, story-spreading, education-circulating, creative collaboration business.

 The right voice can inspire us to march to our own beat. To feel empathy for a stranger. To trust someone’s knowledge and expertise. To smile, laugh, or experience that tug of nostalgia. To reconnect with the person we are—and the person we want to become. To desire a new car, or even a new way of life.

Because words alone aren’t powerful; it’s the feelings we put behind them that settle in our hearts and convince our minds to listen.

At Tellary, this is a truth we live and work by. And why when our clients drop a script in our inbox, they know we’ll deliver their recording with the authority, warmth or character required to create a clear and compelling message that’s ready to share with their audience.

Who we are

Easy on the ears—and budget.

Tellary is an international voice over agency that turns words into feelings, expressions into impressions, content into connections, and passion into leadership.

Fueled by and some of the most dedicated, creatively-nimble and detail-driven people across three major cities and time zones, our global network is in a unique position to meet those crazy-short deadlines you’re almost too embarrassed to request while still bringing innovation and precision to any budget.


Why our clients love us

Not just another voice talent buffet.

When it comes to your ad campaigns, videos and e-learning programs, we believe it’s all in the delivery. The subtlety of pauses, inflections, accents, pitch, tone and volume have the power to change the meaning of your message in a dramatic way.

Not only do we give you access to a diverse pool of voice talent at Tellary, but we offer casting guidance based on our 10 years of combined market knowledge. Which means we always consider consumer bias when finding you a voice with the right gender, age and accent for your project—whether that’s an Italian George Clooney or an Asian American with a hint of Korean inflection.

By rethinking our process to support busy thought leaders and industry-shapers who don’t have the time to browse through endless demos or guess at which voice might fit their needs, we’re reinventing the voice over agency model to be more creative and flexible - and in line with how our clients work.


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