Be heard in your overcrowded marketplace.

 YOU HAVE: A campaign that needs the perfect voice to capture your brand, convey your message, and translate the mood you’re going for. Words on a page that could use more heart and more impact. A done-like-yesterday timeline. And limited hours and financial resources to make it happen.

WE BRING: Creativity to your strategies. Soul to your stories. Expertise to the voice matching process. And a “let us take care of it” attitude to every challenge standing in your way, with reliable project coordination across the globe to ensure speedy delivery of your recordings.



Make education globally accessible.

 YOU HAVE: A technical tongue-twister of a script for an e-course, app or audiobook which is long, potentially boring, and could require multiple talents for dialogue. A tight budget with minimal lead time. And a desire to create more engagement with your brand, perhaps even on a global level.

WE BRING: Experienced voice talents that are compelling enough to command your audience’s attention—and keep it to the end. Guidance in handing the right parts of your script to the right voices. Accuracy and consistency in post-production to fix mistakes, mispronunciations, or changes in character tonality. File-splitting to easily manage the length of your recordings. And precise preparation to keep the process frictionless from start to finish, so final recordings are in your hands as quickly as possible.



Connect with a consistent brand voice.

YOU HAVE: Words that lack emotion, energy and brand consistency. Big ideas for engaging and resonating with your consumers, but no idea how to find the right voice to connect the dots. Limited time and resources. And a desire for a streamlined collaborative process that shortens script to audio delivery times, so your presentation can start making a bigger impact sooner.

WE BRING: Creative collaboration to create a captivating audio recording that stands out in your marketplace while still blending in with your current branding. Industry expertise and as much hand-holding as you need to guide you in voicing your vision. Plus a vivid understanding of what type of voice will create the connections you want with your audience.