Our Work

Have a taste of the magic we weave for our clients

We can tell you that we’re equipped with the market knowledge and voice talents to help you communicate your message with conviction. That we bring soul to your stories and creativity to your strategies. That research shows 38% of meaning is paralinguistic—the way words are expressed—and we’ve made this our science. Our art. That we don’t see ourselves as just another voice over database, but a voice matchmaking business.

All of that would be true. But really, we’d rather let our work speak for itself. Because that’s the only way you’ll hear the passion, dedication and innovation we pour into every project that’s put on our virtual desk.


Brand / Groupon

Language / French (European)

Brand / Maybelline NewYork

Language / Chinese (Mainland Mandarin)

Brand / Chevrolet

Language / Azerbaijani

Brand / Nokia

Language / French (European)

Brand / Maybelline NewYork

Language / English (Australian)

Brand / Datacolor

Language / English (US)

Brand / ParkPark

Language / Danish

Brand / Danfoss

Language / English (UK)

Brand / Beurer

Language / German

Brand / Cisco

Language / French (European)